Since 2003 NORD has been making surfboards and apparel for cold water surfers. We started this project because we had the idea that the Scandinavian surf scene needed its own brand with dedicated products. 

We wanted to take the position as a strong local brand and get the possibility to support the local surf scene. Our mission was to take part in surf related events and sponsor the local surfers. 

During the last year we have used the time to look back at what we have achieved and on how our marketplace has developed. 

We se that many small core shops have been shut down, business has moved to bigger chain’s and in a large scale to the web. Global brands have most of the trade but parallel to that we se small local micro brands growing and getting more and more popular.

We have also looked closer at what we really want to do with NORD in the future. What is the brand today and what do we want to do? 

We see that being a brand today is as much about presence in media as it is making the best surfboards.

NORD now takes the next step as a modern brand, we make less products with higher quality that live over time and we focus on the web. We focus on communicating with the world and we hope that you communicate with us.